The technology behind our platform combines the best of the television, the mobile applications and high disponibility server for communication between the devices


Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV or “HbbTV”, is a major new pan-European initiative aimed at harmonizing the broadcast and broadband delivery of entertainment to the end consumer through connected TVs and set-top boxes.

Through the adoption of HbbTV, consumers will be able to access new services from entertainment providers such as broadcasters, online providers and CE manufactures – including catch-up TV, video on demand (VoD), interactive advertising, personalisation, voting, games and social networking as well as programme-related services such as digital text and EPGs.

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Mobile App

The mobile application is used by players to make all entries.

This is a mixed web and native application, and it is available on major OS (mobile phones, tablets, computers)

phone and tablet


The server application can connect all devices and disseminate and exchange messages between them.

Thus, each player with his personal screen and each TV is identified and they are interconnected.

This technology allows you to play with friends who are not physically in the same room but play on another TV while sharing common information.

  • Cloud storage
  • High performance
    • node.js serve
    • noSQL, mongodb (sharding, replication, cluster)
    • websocket (, Redis)
  • Security
database in the cloud


The back-office application is the simple interface you will use for your interactivity management and data visualisation.

  • Web interface
  • Very easy to handle
  • Manage everything from a single interface
  • Scheduled or realtime activities
back office

Managing contents has never been so easy

Entertaining viewers during the show is our expertise. We can bring you our extensive experience in gamification.

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