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YOUR fans back in YOUR home

you spend money and energy to recruit fans on social networks

We offer to exfiltrate these fans and bring them back home.

How much money do you earn from a fan? Did you know that

  • Facebook earns about 6.81€ from an account
  • Twitter earns about 3.84€ from an active account

And you? How much do you earn?

And what areyou doing to bring them back in your environement?

social tv

Television is entertainment

Viewers are waiting for entertainment. We can provide gamification solutions to improve the fun they havein frontof your show

We make it simple and efficient.

  • Any viewer can enjoy the games because they are simple to understand
  • It's connexionless, you don't need an account to play
  • By the way, if you want to enter in competition, you can voluntarily give your informations
  • Instant gaming or competiton, your choice.

You need to entertain your viewers because the show is not exciting 100% of time and you don't want them to leave you.


Interactive timeline easy to integrate

Fact: Your viewer has another screen in his hands while watching the show.

You must be on this screen while the show is on air, because the viewer attention is shared between both of them and you have to catch it everywhere.

Not to bother or annoy him, but to offer him more entertainment and more fun!

game pads

A single entry point for community manager

  • Offer exclusive content
  • Invite to chat
    • Through trade
    • Through sharing
  • Invite participation
    • With games
    • With the commitment
  • Enjoy exclusive access
    • Sponsored posts
    • location


Interactive timeline

Two timelines: oneof the social network conversation (public) and one for exclusive content, interactions and games (official).

All audience

Conversation content is automaticaly or manually moderated. Viewers don't need any account to enjoy the contents,they can see all messages and play the games.
They need an account to write or reply a message or store the points they earn in a competiton spirit

Easy integration

Every thing is integrated into a webview. So it can be used anywhere:

  •   Website
  •   Android app
  •   iOS app
  •   WP8 app



As the community manager, select public posts from hashtags and promote them and their authors in official timeline. Manage official and ambassadors accounts. The viewers can see every conversation about the show from your place.

Play on the show

Multiple ways to entertain the viewer during the show:

  •   Quizz
  •   Survey
  •   Instant games
  •   RedBoard game

Everything in realtimefor the viewer

Competition capabilities

Game and commitment drive to competition. If the viewer accepts to give his details and creates an account, we can store his scores and give him badges, rewards and recognition on social networks.
He can also compete for a great reward provided by a sponsor

Our Customers and Partners

They trusted us from the beginning, we are so proud to work with them!

Managing contents has never been so easy

Entertaining viewers during the show is our expertise. We can bring you our extensive experience in gamification.

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