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Entertain tirelessly

Boredom is the worst enemy of the viewer. However, as he is well settled in his comfort zone he doesn't want to be released.

The solution developed by gamific.tv allows to wake him in as a player or a competitor, without complicating his life.

The games we offer are aimed at the whole family and are designed with a scalable mechanism to maintain interest over time.

entertainment by gamific

Share an experience

Entertainment is a shared experience as the TV is a shared screen at home.

The gamific.tv entertainment platform allows viewer share a moment with friends by inviting them on a show and spend some time with family or friends, even if some of them are not in front of the same TV!

You are not watching linear shows alone

You are never the only one watching a show on linear television.

You may be a bunch of friends or familly in front of the living room TV, or having good friends watching the same thing from their home.

Whatever, you want to share this moment with them!

  • Invite your friends using social networks connections
  • They will receive notifications on their mobile devices or computers from where they can join you
  • When they join your session, you can see them on the TV
  • If the TV is not connected, you can see them on your second screen too!

Accompany the revolution of the tv

Television becomes interactive, viewers will consume more of the same. Do not be a spectator of this change, accompany it!

Restore magic to your programs

The viewer does not merely absorb broadcasts linearly. The multiplication of channels and entertainment on screens made ​​it more fickle.

Gamific.tv offers to restore the magic to your linear programs by offering the viewer to get involved in the show that he's watching.

game pads

Cause commitment from the viewers

The show that propose interactivity has better audience. Although these interactions are low value-added as the simple diffusion of an official hashtag on twitter to discuss.

Use gamific.tv platform to offer them more interesting interactions, and maintain them focused on the show.

They can accumulate points or badges on several levels: friends, local and national competition.

Reward the better and the more loyal of them with gifts.



Awesome technology

Connecting 2d screen and connected TV is the beginning.
Now imagine what the viewer can do from this 2d screen he already has in his hand, and the show on the TV

  •   Appear on TV
  •   Share experience
  •   Play on the show

Everybody everywhere

Distance is not a problem anymore. Your friends arewaching the sameshow: share the moment with them.
Invite them on your TV and appear on their TV. You share the moment, the experience

Scheduled or real time management

All events can be scheduled precisely for recoreded shows. For live show, it can be done manually in realtime with prepared events.


All connected

All the devices are connected thru our server.
This way makes possible all data exchange between

  •   connected TV
  •   second screen
  •   viewers
  •   producer


New technology implies new usage. Most of them have to be invented. TV is an old thing but the last to be connected in your home. The second screen that's in your hand right now change the paradigme.


Linear TV reinvents itself thru the new usage. Don't stay aside the movement and come with us to reinvent the show!

Our Customers and Partners

They trusted us from the beginning, we are so proud to work with them!

Managing contents has never been so easy

Entertaining viewers during the show is our expertise. We can bring you our extensive experience in gamification.

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