Transmedia and companion screen

Phone and Tablet have been long qualified as second screens. In reality, there is no more such hierarchy in the screens as both consumption of images and stories became fragmented. We entered the era ATAWAD, for AnyTime, AnyWhere and Any Device. However, a successful transmedia experience must use these multiple vectors of communication. Then, we will talk about screen Companion.

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A transmedia experience begins with a story to tell. This story may have all imaginable forms and address all the themes.

It can be simple, educational, complex, dreamlike, anchored in reality. It may take the form of a series, a documentary or a unique experience.

What is important is that it lies on several plans, possibly with several points of view, and it is consumed on different media.

This multi media consumption is a challenge for writers because it also implies a delinearized consumption. The same story provides different experiences according to the support on which we consume, and the passage from one medium to another is done in a more or less controlled manner.

At this stage, several choices are available for the history’s creator. Either he leaves complete freedom to the consumer, which makes writing a bit more complex but also demand greater involvement on the part of the consumer who is no more guided and who is consequently taking charge, either he accompanies the consumer in its navigation between different media.

It is this last approach that we prefer, because it promotes the creation of complex histories without losing the viewer, because the engagement of the viewer remains strong because he is curious to see where you are going to take it, and because you can leave him, despite everything, meaningful choice to do while he’s progressing in your universe.

Companion screen in the transmedia project

We described here screen companion in general, but it is more generally an application that allows to accompany the main media consumption. It will be a mobile application with certain characteristics and allowing the viewer to participate in the experience offered by a more static media, like video, proposed on a non-interactive medium (television, MCN, and why not radio for example)

In your transmedia project, the place of the companion screen is paramount. This is the extension that allows the viewer to become active and why not act on the progression of the story.

This extension comes in the form of a mobile application that knows to synchronize with the media support broadcast. This mobile application may also offer additional content to prolong the experience and the universe of this content. 

Take the example of a documentary on a youtube channel. This multi-part documentary offers for example a story about an ancient civilization. During the broadcast of the episode the application can be used to provide different interactions. The viewer can react and point out the passages he prefers, retrieving them in his personal gallery as images and additional information on this passage, that he will see and read later, after watching the episode.

He can be also invited to participate in the form of quiz games, give its opinion on any particular sequence with a vote, propose his own photos or references that may end up in a public gallery on the application and submitted to the vote of the other spectators, etc...

The possibilities are without limit and allow to extend and complement the experience related to the universe of the series. These contents are of course available later on the web site of the series which brings together the reactions of all.

Technologies used

To run it, it should be a little technology and know-how

It is here we come with our transmedia platform, able to recognize and synchronize with a broadcast, whatever it is, to find information related to the video and offer them at the best time. 

Able also to bring spectators on a linear broadcast to enable them to exchange in real time and take the temperature of their feelings, but also to play between them. To go into a process of gaming very engaging with points, scores and rewards.


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