In My Opinion

In my opinion is a daily talk show that tries to find the best answer for problems submitted by random people. It has a classical time on broadcast with a 26 format and an online time all day long with a community manager that animate and moderate a debate and some gamification.

Picture of the post

Broadcasted show

  • 1 animator
  • 3 witnesses who have personal problems to solve, calling anonimously on phone
  • 15 panelists who will propose their solution

    Panel on set

  • 100~ public is selecting the best proposal

    Public on set

  • The in house expert is commenting and discussing with the witness

  • Guest experts or witnesses can also participate

The show has already been produced. The set was designed like a washing machine (the problems washing machine)

Online participation

The production provides an active and constructive discussion about the show on a dedicated or existing app or on a website

A gamification process is developped to retain involved viewers

The most active and constructive you are as a viwer, the more points you can cumulate to gain recgnition and rewards


There are variety of topics from the most serious to the funniest

  • Our greatest desire to change our lives and region
  • I suffocate ... I am choked by my family.
  • Can we accept the lie for love?
  • My thirteen year old girl robs me
  • A long distance relationship: not easy to live
  • My husband had a child of his mistress
  • My fear of being misjudged prevents me from expressing myself
  • My friend seems embarrassed by my size too big
  • My protruding ears give me complex
  • "My life is hell: I am a peasant woman"
  • His bad breath should it condemn him to the silence?
  • and many more...
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