You may be deaf and love TV

Many born deaf can not use subtitles on television because they can not read or do not read fast enough.

Their only option is to use a sign language interpretation of the issue.

But how emissions sontactuellement interpreted for them? Too little, mainly because of the interpreter takes place on the screen. The cost is not necessarily an issue in the context of public service.

With our technology, we can see the interpreter at the request of the screen and share it with viewers more easily.

In addition, we can display it in different configurations and sizes depending on the issue, monitor and viewer preference (case of Usher syndrome, for example)

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Technology comes for help

We are working on a solution that will allow interpreters to provide services to deaf viewers.

They only have to take out a subscription to make the most of these services.

This solution will be offered in 2014



Sign language

You are deaf or hard of hearing and you need sign language on TV?
We provide an on demand interpretation from a human interpret on the TV.
From your subscription to the service, you can select who you want to see (when available) as an interpret for your show

Position and synchronization

Select the interpret placement on the TV from your mobile applicaiton
The show display is synchronized with the interpret to minimize delay


You know how to interpret sign language? Bring your knowledge to the commnity.
You are filmed at home on a program as an interpret and deaf viewers who want to enjoy it can select you.
A significant part of the subscription's revenue are for you!

Our Customers and Partners

They trusted us from the beginning, we are so proud to work with them!

Managing contents has never been so easy

Entertaining viewers during the show is our expertise. We can bring you our extensive experience in gamification.

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