About Us

Our Skills, What We Believe, Our Goals

about us

5 reasons to choose us

Our solutions are unique

  • We are more than enthusiastic about TV.
  • We have every necessary skills to achieve your project.
  • Our expertise covers your domain.
  • We are creative and we love technology.
  • you should not be constrained because a technology is missing.






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Our Goals

  • Make TV consumption better for viewers.
  • Entertain, entertain, entertain.
  • Gamify and socialize arount the shows.
  • Create 21st century TV: enjoyable, social, connected.
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Who We Are

We are individual characters but also a team. We combine different skills and try to make a better world together. Because we are split in different parts of the country, we also have the opportunity to see more people outside of our circles.
We are engineers, cyclists, swimmers, runners, tri-athletes, soccer players, musicians. We are involved in our beloved startup but also in business angel activity, press author, and so on.

What We Believe

Television industry has known only a few small incremental changes since its birth, such as the remote controller [...] However, for some time now, TV goes through major changes/evolutions [...] The second screen evolution is a revolution. Indeed, now people won't drop their smartphone to watch TV, moreover they are used to grab a laptop or a tablet for a simultaneous use. It came so fast, that none of the broadcasters anticipated this bottom-up r-evolution, and now industry tries to run after it. Here we are, multi-tasking on our sofa ... but I think TV is not dead!

The people behind the project

Nothing comes out from a single brain. Weare a team, and here it is

William Schlegel

William Schlegel CEO

Entrepreneur, Connected TV and social TV enthusiast, I know the way you will watch TV tomorrow

Our team

Franck Achkouyan CTO

Mobile app Sorcerer, creator of successful apps on Android, iOS and W8. Small is beautiful and so powerful.

Our team

Huges Malinie Developer

Cloud guru. High in the cloud, JS magician. Lauches some successful apps with Franck. The cloud, it’s so cool.

Our Customers and Partners

They trusted us from the beginning, we are so proud to work with them!