Technologies and services for TV

Bring your fans back to your ecosystem,
Create amazing interaction on your show,
Entertain and gamify broadcast television through connected TV and 2d screen.


You are a broadcaster

You need the attention of your viewers. You want to engage them on your shows

You are a producer

Your creativity was constrained by technology. Until now

You are a multitasker

You love TV but you cannot do only one thing at a time and you always have your phone or your tablet in your hand

You develop apps for TV

You can integrate amazing features using our technology.

What do we do for broadcasters?

Boredom is the worst enemy of the viewer. However, as he is well settled in his comfort zone he doesn't want to be released.

The solution developed by allows to wake him up as a player or a competitor, without complicating his life.

The games we offer are aimed at the whole family and are designed with a scalable mechanism to maintain interest over time.

But there is more

  • Entertain the viewer during the show
  • Let him share the experience with his friends
  • Invent a new way to consume TV
  • Innovation is the key to his attention
  • Restore the magic in your program
Flat showcase presentation

What do we do for producers?

Flat showcase presentation

You want to produce transmedia projects

You need interactivity while your show is broadcasted

Here is the way to enter in the next level:

  • Invite your viewers in your shows
  • Propose synchronized second screen applications
  • Personalize the display on each TV
  • Create an individualized experience for each viewer

What do we do for multitaskers?

You love watching TV and talking about it

Talking about the show on socialnetwork is often entering in a train station hall and start talking when everybody else is already talking.

Everybody is talking and nobody is listening.

We can change that:

  • play on games around the show
  • share your experience with close friends
  • Enjoy exclusive content about the show
  • Become a part of the show
Flat showcase presentation

What do we do for developers?

Flat showcase presentation

You work on applications for TV Shows

You need interactivity improvements

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Connect 2d screen and TV
  • Invite different viewer on the same TV for a shared experience
  • integrate a controled time line in any app
  • Create an individualized experience for each viewer

Our work

  • All
  • Advertising
  • Anime
  • Game
  • Interactivity
  • Second screen
  • Social TV
  • Transmedia

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Transmedia and companion screen

May 27th, 2015 by William Schlegel

Phone and Tablet have been long qualified as second screens. In reality, there is no more such hierarchy in the screens as both consumption of images and stories became fragmented. We entered the era ATAWAD, for AnyTime, AnyWhere and Any Device. However, a successful transmedia experience must use these multiple vectors of communication. Then, we will talk about screen Companion.

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In My Opinion

April 1st, 2015 by William Schlegel

In my opinion is a daily talk show that tries to find the best answer for problems submitted by random people. It has a classical time on broadcast with a 26 format and an online time all day long with a community manager that animate and moderate a debate and some gamification.

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gamification, a must have for engagement

December 22nd, 2014 by William Schlegel

Is engagement a result of listening to conversation? If you ever see the participation curve, aka "power law of participation" by Ross Mayfield (2006), you may know that reading (a post, a tweet) is the lower threshold. High engagement is coming with collaboration. Maybe it's time to think about your social TV strategy.

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Sports events and engagement thru gaming

December 9th, 2014 by William Schlegel

Sports events are THE live show you want to see and share with your friends. And sometimes it's not that exciting from the beginning to the end, but you have to entertain your viewers all time long. Gaming is an option to consider.

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